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Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner Solo

  • $52.00

    Out Of Stock

The Pro Chain Cleaner Solo is Finish Line's boasted innovative chain cleaner. Being the third generation since 1988, this Pro Chain Cleaner has once again redefined the way bicycle chains are being cleaned both in shops and at home. The Pro Chain Cleaner kit cleans your chain thoroughly within a minute or two without needing you to remove it from the bike.

Finish Line's proprietary rotating brushes is still used in this third generation chain cleaner kit. The exit angle has been upgraded to a 47 degree to help eliminate drips and spills during cleaning. An additional row of scrapper pads have been added for an enhanced side-plate cleaning. Additionally, a magnet has been added to the kit to attract and hold magnetised wear particles. The tip top quality plastic prevents the Pro Chain Cleaner kit from shattering when dropped too.

If you are a cyclists serious about keeping the drivetrain in race-ready condition, this Chain Cleaner Kit is a valuable piece of equipment that will make this tedious cleaning task a much easier one.


In the package: 1x shop quality chain cleaner

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