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Bicycle Lights

1000 Lumens USB Front Light 1000 Lumens USB Front Light
Extremely bright 1000 lumens L2 LED light. This powerful USB rechargeable front light not only light up your road, but is able to charge your phone too. Be careful, do not point it at your eyes! Batteries can be replaced as it uses two 18650 batteries.SPECIFICATIONSBrightness: 1000 lumensLight Colou..
Need to light up your cycling path? This USB rechargeable light is extremely bright. At 350 lumens, it can light up the path in front of you. Boasting of 2200mah lithium battery, it is long lasting too! In addition, it has a smart sensor, allowing it to dim or off itself according to brightness.SPEC..
Be warned! This extremely bright 500 lumens light is meant for the road, not your eyes! USB rechargeable and with replaceable batteries, its long lasting power is exactly what you need for your next cycling trip. Additionally, it has a USB port to charge your mobile phone, so it works like a powerba..
Colourful Tiered Rainbow light for the bicycle wheel air valve that changes the pattern as you ride.SPECIFICATIONSLength: Approx 9.5cmColour: RainbowMode: Auto Off When StationaryBattery: 3x AG10 (included)In the box: 2x lights ..
Want to catch the attention of people around you as you ride at night? Then this is just the light for you! This light will attract the attention of people around you, and ensure that you are visible to others as well!SPECIFICATIONSModes: Constant On, BlinkBattery: 3x AAA battery (includedMax Length..
Bicycle Wheel Spoke Light Bicycle Wheel Spoke Light
Brighten up the night with some colourful lights! Easy to install and easy to turn on with our bicycle wheel spoke lights!SPECIFICATIONSAttachment: Clip On (Cable Tie Provided to Secure)Colours available: Red / Blue / Green / Rainbow (Red, Blue, Green)For best effects, it is recommended that you get..
Want to ensure that you are safe on the road, or catch everyone's attention? Then you should get this USB Rechargeable Light (Red + Blue Edition). The light can flash between red and blue continuously, or use in red light or blue light only mode.Check out the video here:
Front Light with Horn Front Light with Horn
Are people walking slowly on the bicycle path and blocking your way? Is the conventional "Ding!" of the bell too gentle for them? Fear not! With this Front Light with Horn, you will be able to make them jump out of your way!Watch the video at to see the 3 modes for the f..
Tired of saying "excuse me" to the pedestrians? Time to get a super loud horn with light. This super bright T6 front light with horn comes with an easy to use electric horn. With a press of a button, it generates a loud horn. Best of all, it's USB rechargeable, say goodbye to buying batteries!SPECIF..
Laser Bicycle Tail Light Laser Bicycle Tail Light
Other than functioning like your usual bicycle taillight, our Laser Bicycle Tail Light also have laser lights that shine a path on the ground beside your bicycle! Now the road really is "your grandfather's road" =PNoticed how you can be cycling on the bicycle paths, and that joker in front of you is..
LED Frog Light Design 1 LED Frog Light Design 1
Don't look down on this light just because it is small! This small but bright LED Frog Light can be easily attached to most parts of your bicycle or electric scooter. Some road bike cyclists may prefer this light too since it is small and convenient.SPECIFICATIONSLight: 2x Ultra Bright LED BulbColou..
LED Frog Light Design 2 LED Frog Light Design 2
[Design 2] Looking for some safety lights to keep you safe as you ride in the night? This small but bright LED Frog Light can be attached to most parts of your bicycle or electric scooter.SPECIFICATIONSLight: 2x Ultra Bright LED BulbColours Available: Blue Light (Blue Body) / Green Light (Green Body..
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