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Scooters / Skateboards

Carbon Fibre Sticker (150cm) Carbon Fibre Sticker (150cm)
Does your scooter, motorbike, car or bicycle need a new skin? Our high quality carbon fibre (carbon fiber) sticker is exactly what you need!The carbon fibre sticker is adhesive, so you can stick it to any clean area. Works well on any furnitures too!Sold in multiples of 50cm. (e.g. 50cm x 150cm, 1..
Mini Skateboard Mini Skateboard
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Looking to get from place to place fast, but don't want something as bulky as a bicycle or a scooter? Then get the Mini Skateboard / Short Cruiser!SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: Approx 56cm x 15cm x 9cm (L x B x H)Weight: Approx 2kgBody Material: PPR PropyleneWheels: PU Wear Resistant WheelsBearing: ABEC..
Non-slip Tape Non-slip Tape
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Non slip grip tape for scooters and skateboards. Use it to improve the friction on the surface to prevent you from slipping off your ride easily, especially when it is wet.SPECIFICATIONSWidth: 5cmColours available: Red / Black / Blue1 quantity = 1 metre..
Scooter Cable Wrap Scooter Cable Wrap
Unsightly scooter cables or worried about damaging your exposed cables? Fret not with our cable wraps! You can safely put multiple cables into one wrap and beautify the looks for your scooter. This can also be used to prevent your pet dog / cat from damaging the wires at home.SPECIFICATIONSSize: App..
Scooter Inner Tube Scooter Inner Tube
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Scooter tube punctured? Don't worry, you can easily change your tubes! We have quality inner tubes for 8" and 10" scooters. This tube fits most scooters in the market, such as inokim, aleoca, mobot and ning.SPECIFICATIONS (200 x 50 [8"] Scooter)Size: 200 x 50 tyreValve Type: Angled Schrader ValveVal..
Scooter Tyre Scooter Tyre
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Is your scooter tyre worn out? Time to get a new scooter tyre (tire) and replace it! Long lasting and durable, the tyre comes in 8 inch and fits many various scooters in the market such as inokim, mobot, aleoca, ning.SPECIFICATIONS (200x50) [8 inch]Size: 200 x 50Tube: Not includedSPECIFICATIONS (8.5..
Skateboard Skateboard
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Cruise on this stylish and durable skateboard, built to withstand up to 150kg. Switch your penny board to this skateboard. Perform stunts and wow your friends!SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: 80cm x 20cm x 10cm (L x B x H)Deck: WoodenBearings: ABEC-7Max Load: 150kg..
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