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Bicycle Rear Rack (Adjustable) Bicycle Rear Rack (Adjustable)
Fetching your friends or children on your bicycle but don't have a seat? Or do you need to carry additional load on your bicycle but don't have a rack? Our Bicycle Rear Rack is exactly what you need!SPECIFICATIONSColour: BlackWeight: Approx 1.3kgMaterial: Aluminum AlloyMax Load: Approx 80kgIncluded:..
EvoSportz Solid Rear Rack EvoSportz Solid Rear Rack
Brand: EvoSportz
Solid metal rear rack for your bicycle. It can take up to 100kg, allowing you to mount a child seat, put your groceries or have someone seated at the back of your bicycle. Just what you need if you wish to pillion someone on your bike.SPECIFICATIONSColour: Black Paint CoatedMaterial: Solid Steel, Bl..
Solid Bicycle Basket Solid Bicycle Basket
Tired of the old typical basket (carrier) that gets out of shape? This bike basket might be just what you are looking for! Sturdy and long lasting, it can take weight up to 25kg! Two bags of rice, no problem!SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: Approx 32.5cm x 20cm x 22cm (L x B x H)Weight: Approx 1.4kgMax Loa..
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