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Brand: Cylion
Remove grease (degreaser), oil dirt, and rust stains from your bike with Cylion's Rust Remover detergent. Make your bike look as good as new, and keep your chains running smoothly.SPECIFICATIONSSize: 300mlUsage: Spray on, leave for a couple of minutes, brush / wipe, then wash it off. Dry parts and o..
Cylion Teflon Dry Lube Cylion Teflon Dry Lube
Brand: Cylion
The new and improved Cylion dry lube is a specialised lubricant used in high-end bicycle chains, transmission gears and other drivetrain components. DuPont Teflon and other special additives are combined to give superior protection against mechanical wear, dust and unwanted noise. Even in rough road..
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