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Cylion develops professional lube for bicycles and motorcycles. Having SGS and ROHS certifications, Cylion's products are manufactured with quality and safety in mind. Cylion lube is used by many professional cyclists, and Cylion has been a sponsor for multiple races. Get authentic Cylion products in Singapore straight from the distributor here at EvoSportz.

Cylion C4 Wax Chain Lube
Cylion C5 Clean & Lube
Cylion C8 Dry Chain Lube
Cylion Lithium Grease
Cylion Anti Fog Spray
Cylion Anti-Seize Lube
Cylion Anti-Skidding Gel
Cylion Bike Chain Degreaser
Cylion C7 Chain Lube
Cylion Ceramic Wet Lube
Cylion Chain Kit
Cylion Helmet Foam
Cylion Motorbike Chain Cleaner
Cylion Motorbike Chain Lube
Cylion N6 Disc Brake Cleaner
Cylion Repair Polishing Wax
Cylion Rust Remover
Cylion Stanchion Lube
Cylion Teflon Dry Lube
Cylion Teflon Grease
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