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B-Soul Handlebar Bag B-Soul Handlebar Bag
Brand: B-Soul
Small and durable handlebar bag for you to easily strap onto your e-scooter, bicycles or e-bikes. This handlebar bag is designed to be water resistant, so it can take the wet weather we have here in Singapore while keeping your gadgets dry in the bag. Best of all, the velcro allows the bag to be eas..
B-Soul Top Tube Bag (Design 2) B-Soul Top Tube Bag (Design 2)
Brand: B-Soul
Locate your destination and use your phone while cycling. This top tube bag protects your phone by keeping it in the transparent case, allowing you to use it while cycling! Easily detachable with a velcro, you can remove your phone from the bag when you park your bike. Best of all, this pouch is spl..
B-Soul Triangle Bag B-Soul Triangle Bag
Brand: B-Soul
Make good use of every corner space you have on your bicycle. Add a triangle bag to your bike easily by strapping this durable bag on.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: Approx. 20cm x 18.5cm x 4cm (L x H x B)Waterproof: No..
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