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Taekwondo Rebreakable Board (30KG)


Taekwondo Rebreakable Board (30KG)

  • Brand EvoSportz
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: 0744

Practising for your next Taekwondo (TKD), Silat or Karate performance? Breaking the real planks can be very costly, so why not use a rebreakable board? Break, join, break again! This quality plastic board can be used multiple times, without breaking your wallet. This board takes 30kg breaking force. Great for professional user.


Size: Approx 31cm x 23cm x 1.2cm
Weight: Approx 690g
Hit Times: Approx 400 to 600 times
Breaking Force: Approx. 30kg
Colour: Blue