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Laser Bicycle Tail Light


Laser Bicycle Tail Light

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Other than functioning like your usual bicycle taillight, our Laser Bicycle Tail Light also have laser lights that shine a path on the ground beside your bicycle! Now the road really is "your grandfather's road" =P

Noticed how you can be cycling on the bicycle paths, and that joker in front of you is walking with his head down, staring at his phone? With the laser lights on the ground, it will reduce the chances of having the pedestrian walk into your bicycle, resulting in injuries and unnecessary problems.

The light can also be easily removed and kept in your bag when you park your bicycle in public places!


Dimensions: Approx 8cm x 7cm x 2.5cm (L x B x H)
Tail Light Modes: Constant On, Blink, Scroll
Laser Modes: Constant On, Blink
Laser Design: Straight
Switches: Tail Light Switch, Laser Light Switch
Battery: 2x AAA battery (included)
Colour: Red Tail Light, Red Laser Light