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Harris Mountain Bike TR2618 (Black)

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Harris Mountain Bike TR2618 (Black)


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Bicycles, the best and simplest way for quick and cheap transport. Get an affordable bicycle for a short trip down to the nearby market or to workplace. This bike comes with 21 speed and is great for short rides.

Model: TR2618
Wheel Size: 26"
Inner Tube: 26 x 2.125 Schrader Valve
Speed: 18 Speed thumb shifter
Brake: V Brake
Handle Bar Length: Approx 58cm (end-to-end)
Freewheeling: Yes
Frame: Carbon Steel
Frame Size: 42cm
Suitable Height: Approx 150cm to 180cm
Bicycle Stand: Yes
Seat Clamps: Bolt
Weight: Approx 12.5kg
Warranty: 7 Days Warranty


Package A:
Bicycle Lock (Key) + Water Bottle Holder (Black) + Mini Bell (Black)

Package B:
USB Rechargeable Light Red + USB Rechargeable Light Blue + USB Rechargeable Light White

Package C:
Electric Horn + Universal Phone Holder (Black)

Package D:
180 Days Extended Bicycle Warranty