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EvoSportz Solid Rear Rack


EvoSportz Solid Rear Rack

  • Brand EvoSportz
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  • Model: 0734

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Solid metal rear rack for your bicycle. It can take up to 100kg, allowing you to mount a child seat, put your groceries or have someone seated at the back of your bicycle. Just what you need if you wish to pillion someone on your bike.


Colour: Black Paint Coated
Material: Solid Steel, Blank Paint Coated
Dimensions: See image
Type: Type 1 (SMALL HOLE), Type 2 (LARGE HOLE)
Weight: Approx 1.2 (Type 1), Approx 1.3kg (Type 2)
Thickness: Approx 8.8mm
Max Load: 100kg

Note: Please check your bicycle compatibility and select the correct type.
Note 2: As material is black paint coated, paint coating may come off, which is normal