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Cylion Motorbike Chain Wax

  • Brand: Cylion
  • Product Code: 0418
  • $10.90

    In Stock

Cylion Motorbike Chain Wax is a specially developed product for improving the speed and smoothness of the transmission system. The wax can be evenly attached to the chain during high-speed driving so as to fully reduce the friction and power loss, improving the life of the chain. It also repels water and prevent rust on the chain. Cylion Motorbike Chain Wax is suitable for all kinds of chains, including the standard chain and chain with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring. It can be used before motorcycle field race, road race or endurance race.

The Cylion Motorbike Chain Wax uses a special formula that contains solid additives, anti-wear and epoxy resin. It has a fabulous perforamnce in terms of lubrication and anti-wear, high temperature resistance and adhesion, which is suitable for high-speed locomotives with large displacement and large torque.

Usage Method:

1. Shake evenly before use
2. Clean with a non-corrosive brush if chain is dirty
3. Spray the chain from 10cm to 20cm away at a 40 degree angle
4. Leave it to dry for a short while after spraying to allow it to fully adhere to the chain surface and avoid oil splash


Can Size: 450ml
Can Type: Aerosol Spray

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