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Cylion Motorbike Chain Cleaner

  • Brand: Cylion
  • Product Code: 0419
  • $9.90

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Cylion Motorbike Chain Cleaner can be used to remove oil stains from the motorcycle chain and sprocket plate. It contains inhibitor, penetrant and surfactant, which can dissolve stubborn oil stains, asphalt and self-adhesive residuals. It can also assist in removing metal surface rust. This convenient degreasing product can be used for motorbike, bicycles, gear teeth, locks and other mechanical equipment. Cylion Motorbike Chain Cleaner has strong permeability, making stubborn oil stains fall off almost immediately.


1. Spray onto the spot and wait for 1 to 2 minutes
2. Wipe the spot with a dry towel and repeat for one to two times


Can Size: 450ml
Can Type: Aerosol Spray

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