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Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner

  • $17.00

    In Stock

Finish Line's unique foaming cleaner makes e-bike maintenance easy. The rinse free technology safely cleans motor and battery casings, battery contacts and pins, as well as your frame, wheels and any other parts.

Using the latest technology and following e-bike manufacturer specifications, Finish Line's e-Bike cleaner will keep your e-Bike safely looking like new.

Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner is formulated to safely remove grime before it migrates into your e-Bike's electrical components. Left unchecked, dirt and grime can cause the battery and motor to wear and work less efficiently.

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning an e-Bike after every ride. This includes cleaning the battery contacts, plug pins and the rest of the bike. To do this and not risk damaging any electronic components, Finish Line has developed a cleaner that is gentle, non-caustic, leaves no streaks and requires no water rinsing. Thanks to its clinging foam technology, Finish Line's e-Bike Cleaner is safe and easy to use. It can be used to clean all surfaces including anodized aluminiunm, steel, titanium, carbon fiber and matte finishes.


Size: 14oz
Spray Can: Aerosol

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